Questions? (301) 683-7220


Please call us at (301) 683-7220 to speak with a customer service representative if you don’t find the answers you need below. WashClub DC is here to help you at anytime!

What are your basic laundry services?

WashClub DC offers wash and fold for all your laundry needs including personal clothing and household items. WashClub DC also offers dry cleaning and tailoring.

These services include your designated pick-up and drop-off time via our easy-to-use website.

What are your hours of operation?

WashClub is here to serve you Monday thru Friday from 7AM to 10PM.

Do I have to be home for the pick up and delivery?

WashClub DC prides itself on their professional, prompt and courteous drivers. If for some reason you can not be there for the driver to be of your service, then your laundry can be left outside the front door upon your approval.

Is there a charge or minimum amount for pickup and delivery?

WashClub DC is dedicated to providing you with clean, fresh clothes, fast. Minimum pick up service is $30.00.

Do you offer dry cleaning services/tailoring?

WashClub DC offers the premier dry-cleaning service in the metropolitan area. We use only Eco-friendly, non-toxic products for your fine garments. We pride ourselves on treating your clothes as our own! Your clothes will be delivered back to you extraordinarily clean, fresh and fast.

How do I pay for your laundry services?

WashClub DC is now at your fingertips! We have an easy-to-use website that can be accessed through your computer, mobile device or tablet. Once you’ve added to your shopping cart the clothes you want laundered, you enter your credit card for easy payment. Your credit card can be stored for convenient on-going service.

Can I manage my laundry services request via the Internet?

Absolutely! Please create an account with WashClub DC under the “Your Account” tab on our website. By setting up your account with your desired preferences, we can provide you with clean, fresh clothes exactly as you wish, accurately and professionally.

What if I don't have internet service?

WashClub DC wants to help you get your life back. We free up your time from doing your laundry so you can do more important things. We are available to you even if your internet service is down or unavailable. Please call us at 1-877-759-9780 for your all your laundry needs.

Will my information be kept confidential and safe?

WashClub DC prides itself on 100% customer satisfaction. This includes securing all your information through our safe and encrypted website. All you information remains confidential and safe on our WashClub DC website. We do not sell or provide your information to any third parties. Your information is only used to manage your order request for clean, fresh clothes with free delivery.

What do I do if I have a problem with my laundry upon delivery?

WashClub DC prides itself on 100% customer satisfaction. We have dedicated customer service representatives standing by to help you with any questions or issues you may have upon delivery. Our toll free number is (301) 683-7220.

Does WashClub DC handle corporate accounts?

WashClub DC is dedicated to providing your business with clean, fresh laundry with free delivery service. We have state-of-the art laundry facilities that can accommodate large, soiled loads. These ultramodern machines ensure that your laundry comes back to your business spotless and ready for use.